A powerful new approach in immune oncology

Avvinity Therapeutics is an early stage UK biotech company focused on the development and application of its Alphamer™ immunotherapeutic technology platform for the treatment of cancers.

Our Alphamer technology harnesses a novel immune adaptation in primates whereby the immune system raises high levels of antibodies to certain ‘non-self’ sugars (alpha-gal and rhamnose) presented by bacteria in the gut.

These antibodies represent several types of antibody types (including IgG and IgM) and are polyclonal (contain a range of antibodies that bind to the sugars in a different places).

We can ‘call down’ these antibodies and hence their immune effects by presenting the ‘non-self’ sugars on the surface of target cancer cells using our Alphamer technology. The resulting innate and adaptive immune responses result not only in the killing of tumour cells, but also a broad immune surveillance against other tumour cells.


Alphamers are modular systemic therapeutic molecules that attach to target cells e.g. cancer cells and present high levels of non-self sugars to ‘call down’ the fire power of the immune system (innate and adaptive.

The molecules are composed of 1) targeting domain (such as an antibody or aptamer) 2) a proprietary linker 3) the effector domain (sugar moiety)

Alphamer illustration

Our focus is oncology

While the Alphamer™ platform has potential application in treating a wide range of diseases, Avvinity is focused on treating cancers, both solid tumours and also hematological (‘liquid’) tumours. AV001, our lead program for solid tumours, is an antibody (Ab) based Alphamer which recognises a validated cancer target called EGFR, which is elevated in more than half of all tumours. With rhamnose (Rha) sugars linked to an anti-EGFR antibody, our lead Alphamer recruits existing, polyclonal anti-rhamonse (Anti-Rha) antibodies (immunoglobulins; Ig) to the surface of the target cancer cell. These Anti-Rha (IgG and IgM) then trigger a robust immune response involving both the adaptive and innate immune systems.

About Us

Avvinity Therapeutics was originally founded as an immuno-oncology joint venture between Horizon Discovery and Centauri Therapeutics. In July 2020, with seed funding from LifeArc and the UK Government’s Future Fund, the company was granted full ownership of the Alphamer technology platform and became an independent biotech company. Avvinity is a virtual company with an experienced ex-Pfizer R&D team, which is supported by industry experienced consultants. The company has an office at Discovery Park, Sandwich, Kent.

Avvinity is passionate about applying its Alphamer technology to develop novel immunotherapeutics that will not only address challenging solid and liquid tumours, but also prevent their recurrence. As targeted therapies, Alphamer based therapeutics also have the potential to avoid the suffering caused by the toxicities associated with many current cancer therapies.

Our mission is clear and focused

“First and foremost, exploit our Alphamer technology through our proprietary pipeline of novel cancer programs.

Secondly, make our technology available to partner companies working in other disease areas.”

Nick Staples, CEO (Interim)

1) Oncology Pipeline

Avvinity is building a pipeline of new cancer targeted Alphamer programs, with a lead program targeting those cancers that overexpress EGFR on the cell surface. EGFR, which is overexpressed in the majority of cancers, is a validated cancer target with several products currently being used to treat patients. However, the clinical utility of these drugs is restricted by pre-existing and acquired mutations in the functional pathway in which EGFR is involved. Our Aphamer approach promises much broader clinical utility, by exploiting the over expression of EGFR to recruit the immune system.

Learn more about our lead Alphamer program for solid tumours.

2) Partnering for other diseases

Avvinity is making its technology available to other companies to ensure that this powerful is exploited more broadly in other serious diseases.

A field license has been granted to Centauri Therapeutics so that it can continue its important work in developing novel anti-infectives, building on its very promising preclinical results to date.

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