About Horizon Discovery

Horizon is an international gene-editing company that supplies products, services and research programs that enable genomics research and the development of personalized and genomic medicines. Horizon’s core capabilities are built around its proprietary translational genomics platform, a highly precise and flexible suite of gene editing tools (rAAV, ZFN and CRISPR) able to alter almost any gene sequence in human or mammalian cell-lines.

Horizon offers over 23,000 catalogue products, almost all of which are based on the application of gene editing to generate in vitro and in vivo models that accurately model the disease-causing genetic anomalies found in diseases like cancer. Horizon also provides custom in vitro and in vivo disease model generation services, biopharmaceutical manufacturing cell lines and generation services, quantitative molecular reference standards and contract research and custom screening services.

In addition, Horizon through its Research Biotech business deploys the company’s intellectual property, gene-editing platform, products, services and know-how in cancer research, drug discovery and immunology to develop its synthetic lethality, immuno-oncology and cell therapy platforms which aim to deliver novel drug treatments into the pharmaceutical pipeline.

Horizon is headquartered in Cambridge, UK, and is listed on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM market under the ticker “HZD”.

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